Carry the Connection

Adopted children have experienced disrupted attachments and often abuse and/or neglect. Adopters are faced with the challenging task of filling in developmental gaps and supporting children to learn healthy dependence. 'Carry the Connection' hopes to highlight how using a sling or carrier, termed babywearing, could potentially be used as a practical way for adopters to promote connection and attachment with their children.
The site brings together reading and research on babywearing and how it could be used a therapeutic parenting tool by adopters with a particular focus on promoting attachment. There are sections on attachment theory, the needs of adopted children and the benefits of nurturing touch and movement for children. You'll find some adopter's personal stories of how they have used slings with their children. There are also safety guidelines for using slings with your adopted child and special issues to consider. Finally follow the links to your nearest sling meet and babywearing consultant in the UK where you can get support and advice on choosing and fitting different carriers.

About Me

As a social worker in adoption, I have a keen interest in attachment theory. When I became a parent myself in 2013 I gained a much deeper insight into how attachment develops including the crucial role of nurturing touch. I was also much more aware of how life changing and tiring it is suddenly meeting the needs of a little person!
Carrying enabled me to do some of the things which helped me feel 'normal' again and I was amazed at how much more relaxed me and my son both were and how much I stroked, kissed and tickled him as we went about our daily chores and walks.  I found myself talking and singing to him much more than when he was in the buggy. When I wore him we felt so much more connected!
I soon began to wonder how babywearing could be used by adopters to promote attachment with their children. Keen to learn more about different slings, benefits and safety I undertook my babywearing consultancy training. My hope is that this site will encourage adopters to add babywearing to their parenting toolkit and know where to access advice and support to find the right sling or carrier for them. 

There is growing interest in the babywearing community about the role of slings in promoting attachment with adopted children. I hope that babywearing educators will find the site and it's references helpful in working with adoptive families by learning a bit more about the experiences and particular needs of adopted children.
Happy carrying!!
Rachel x